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How To Get Live Cricket Score Update On Your Android Phone
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If you are a Cricket fan then you won’t be missing any match of your favorite team. IPL is one of the biggest leagues in India and no one wants to miss a single run. But there are times when we can’t sit in front of the TV and watch live matches. Earlier we used to subscribe live score text messages or listen on the radio. Now there are many websites that offer live cricket match online and update scores.

You must have heard of Cricbuzz a popular webiste that offers live score updates and commentary. There are many other sports and news websites available that update live scores on their web page. But there’s a loop you can only get updates till you are on the website. That means you can’t close the webpage if you do so you will no longer get live score updates.

Google Pin Live Scores

Google Pin Live Scores
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Do you know Google offers an interesting feature for sports geek which lets you pin live screen on your smartphone’s screen! Yes, it’s like a simple pin with a lot more features, you can pin any live score and adjust it wherever you want on the screen. Unfortunately, this feature is only available for Android users and there is no confirmation from Google when they are rolling it for IOS devices.

Pinning live score lets you update of every run and wicket without refreshing the page and blocking other apps usage. The small scoreboard sticks to the screen just like the Facebook Messenger chat bubble.

Before you get started, make sure you have:

  • Latest Google chrome app (or update to the latest version)
  • Latest Google App
  • Working internet connection

All you have to do is just follow the below steps:

  • Open Google App on your smartphone.
  • In the Search bar, type “live cricket score“.
  • It will show all live match scores and upcoming match details
  • Tap on the match score you would like to Pin.
  • Tap on ‘Pin live score’

You can also use Google Chrome to perform the above action. After this, you will see a floating box on your screen with live score updates, you can drag it anywhere on the screen as per your comfort.

The Bottom Line

Google live score pin feature is amazing as it allows you to open another app at the same time. That means at the moment you can do chatting, surfing, etc when you have pinned the score. Tapping on the score box opens the complete details of that match.

Google also allows you to pin scores of multiple matches at the same time. If you are a fan of both cricket and football, don’t worry you can pin both scores.

Do you like this new feature of Google? Share your feedback in the comments section below.

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