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Top 7 Ways To Start Earning From Youtube Today – December 2021
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Do you know Youtube is the second most visited website in the world? It’s a lot more than just a social media site. The site allows creators to make videos and upload on their channel. Almost every people in the world who uses the internet have visited to find their query or to entertain themselves.

Here you can find videos related to tech, tutorials, how to’s, games, funny, entertainment, movies, news, stories, video songs, movie trailers, best scenes and almost every category you can think about.

If you already make Youtube videos and are not earning well here the most loved ways which can increase your earnings.

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1. Google Adsense Monetization

Make sure you have signed up for Google Adsense and monetized your channel to show ads. Adsense is one the top priority when it comes to earning online either from a website, youtube or an application. Ensure that the account is set up properly and follow their terms and conditions.

You can also contact customer care if you are facing any issues while account setup.

Earlier anyone can monetize a channel but after a few recent updates there should be minimum 10k combined views on videos, then only you are eligible for monetization.

2. Brand Collaborations

If you are quite popular on youtube with good no. of subscribers then you may reach out to collaborators or vice versa. There’s a chance they can ask you to feature their brand or to unbox it in your video.

As I have talked to some creators they told me that one can easily mint 100 to 300 $ or more when they collab with brands.

3. Send Traffic To Website or Blog

You can add sponsored links in the description and ask your subscribers to click and visit the website. It is also a good method and you can be paid pay per click conditions.

4. Affiliate Links

When you unbox any product and your users find it interesting then there’s a chance they are surely gonna buy that. You can signup on various affiliate programs of Amazon, Flipkart, Walmart, and other e-commerce sites and add affiliate links in the description.

When someone buys any product you get a small amount of money as a commission.

5. Build your Brand

You can start building your brand. You have seen many youtube creators promoting their merchandise. You can also do the same and start earning.

6. Funds

Ask your audience to contribute to your channel. You may live stream and ask them to donate so that you can grow your channel.

7. Feature Other Youtubers

Yes, you can contact other YouTubers to feature them in your videos and ask for money in return. This is also one of the great ways to earn money.

Final Words

Although many people have made youtube their full time but many are struggling too. If you have the patience and consistency then you can definitely shine your career on Youtube. There’s no such formula to become famous overnight. It’s a result of hard work, consistency, and trust of audience which builds with the TIME.

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